Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Blood Type - The Search"

I'm here in Oxford preparing to direct the teaser promo trailer for a new vampire Sci-Fi show called BLOOD TYPE!
Written by John Matthews and Wil Kingham, BLOOD TYPE is a multidimensional new take on the ancient story of Vampires. Two very different Vampires form an unlikely alliance to hunt for a girl who holds a terrible secret in her blood. The show revolves around the struggles and conflicts of two alternative universes, one ruled by vampires where humans are feudal slaves, kept as a subjugated food-source, and our own reality, where vampires are only perceived as creatures of myth and legend, their real interaction with our world a well kept but deadly secret.
Starring Emily Berrington, Emrys Matthews, Edward Blagrove, Robin-John Gibb and narrated by Jason Connery I was very excited to be asked to direct the promo-trailer: BLOOD TYPE - THE SEARCH here on location in UK.

I'll also be choreographing a sword-cane duel between the two main protagonists who both search for "Sophie" (Emily Berrington) who's escape to our world triggers the struggle to control her destiny, as her blood contains a cure for the deadly epidemic now raging through the vampire world.

It's great to be working with John and Wil on BLOOD TYPE - THE SEARCH and many thanks go out to all who have supported the project including: Dwina Murphy-Gibb, The Atlantis Bookshop, Anthony Streger and of course Caitlin Matthews.

Shooting commences in London on April 11th at various locations in London, Oxford and Thame.

Love to all…

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  1. will you have there ?

  2. Have the released this yet or has it been shelved?

  3. John and Wil are still developing a full screenplay for the concept!