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THE WILDWOOD TAROT - Atlantis Bookshop, London - April 30th



Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington

(Published by Connections)

To celebrate the publication of this eagerly anticipated Tarot, Mark, John and Will (subject to availability) will be signing copies of the new deck at The Atlantis Bookshop on Saturday 30th April, 2011 from 4.00 – 6.00 p.m. If you can’t attend and want to secure a signed edition (limited to one per person) please contact:

The Atlantis Bookshop
49a Museum Street

020 7405 2120

The Wildwood Tarot is based on the hugely popular Greenwood Tarot originally created by Mark Ryan and Chesca Potter. Long out of print and fetching huge sums on eBay, this new edition, which has been completely revised and updated by Mark Ryan (Robin of Sherwood, Transformers, The Pilgrim) and John Matthews (the Grail Tarot, The Arthurian Tarot and the Shaman’s Oracle), the work has been completed by the extraordinary art of Will Worthington, (The Druid Animal Oracle, The Green Man Tree Oracle). This is bound to be a highly regarded and much collected Tarot. Come and get your copy signed by all three creators (subject to the availability of Will Worthington) and join us for a chat.

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#1 On Amazon - Hot New Releases - Tarot

We're #1! On behalf of John, Will & myself and everyone at Eddison-Sadd and Stirling Publishing, thank you so much everyone for your incredible support. It's very much appreciated. Mark

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Transformers Movie News: High Resolution Dark Of The Moon Empire Images!

Transformers Movie News: High Resolution Dark Of The Moon Empire Images!: "First off, here's the official hi-res version of the cover direct from Empire: Secondly, with many thanks to TFW user TheSpaceBridge,..."