Saturday, April 11, 2009


Tomorrow (Saturday, April 11) will be the first day of shooting of the trailer for: BLOOD TYPE - THE SEARCH after what can be described as a rather hectic week of preproduction, location scouts and rehearsals in Oxford, Thame and London.

We'll be moving into the world famous occult landmark: The Atlantis Bookstore in Museum Street in London for shooting tomorrow. I have to say it's very exciting and rather unique to be shooting an esoteric vampire thriller in a location so bathed in occult history. Everyone from Alistair Crowley, Dennis Wheatley, Austen Spare and Winston Churchill visited this classic bookstore in search of enlightenment over its very long and sometimes colorful history.We'll be shooting most of the WW2 scenes on the premises during the day tomorrow with Sophie (Emily Berrington) Hamilton (Emrys Matthews) and Galen (Ed Blagrove) and we'll move to Thame to shoot the "vampire world" stone circle scenes with Belisar (Robin-John Gibb) and sword-cane duel on Sunday.

It's nice to actually commence the shooting and directing phase after choreographing and training the actors for the fight and choosing authentic 40's outfits from Vintage Years Costume Hire in Leicester and sword canes from the unique and mind-blowing collection of weapons at film and TV armorers: Bapty's in Southhall, London. The schedule is tight, the concept is complex and dark. Great! I'll let you know how the first day goes…Mark

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