Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mike Grell & The Cat Of Doom...Part II

I actually have the original panel from the James Bond Graphic Novel: “Permission To Die” where Bond finds himself rescued by the Special Air Service in an embassy style raid. This panel includes the famous quote: “A small gun you can hide is better than a big one that gets taken away from you.” I had helped Mike get some of the details of the “Operation Nimrod” raid for “Permission To Die” published by Eclipse Comics.

This quote refers to a conversation I had (shortly after the event) with PC Trevor Lock, the Diplomatic Protection Group Officer taken hostage during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. PC Lock had hidden his Model #10 SW revolver down his pants for the entire experience, the hostage-takers believing British Bobbies were not armed. At the end of the crisis, as the SAS began the raid, PC Lock managed to recover his weapon but got into a physical struggle with one of the terrorists at the rear of the embassy. That conflict was ended by one of the SAS team and the rest is history! So be careful where you say to Mike because he will listen, improve it and use it!

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