Friday, December 19, 2008

Mike Grell & The Cat of Doom Part IV

This is the final installment of "Mike Grell & The Cat of Doom". I will close with another adventure involving the weathered Bergen, plus what you must know about Mike Grell...

It was the same battered Bergen that I humped into the Cascade Mountains with Mike and artist and enthusiastic survivalist: Dameon Willich (plus girlfriends) to be introduced to frost-bite and Whiskey Jacks that flew in and ate our food right out of our hands as we snow camped above the snow line.

On other occasions we've ridden Mike and Lauri's beautiful and gentle Friesian steeds into the mountains and sheltered from the roving Sasquatch and Black Bears in the small log cabin with antique primer-style, water pump and friendly mice.

Mike is the same with the aspiring artistes and fans alike that flock to his convention tables and it's a genuine and natural drive to help, gift and encourage new talent. It is an obviously genuine trait of the man and well received by his legion of fans for which he has boundless time and patience. I've seen it's effects and it's a joy to watch.

There are may precious and unique experiences associated with the “Grell Gifts” I have received and the lessons learned from his generosity and kindness. I have attempted to pass on this tradition to my other friends and colleagues along the way.

Needless to say, Mike Grell's Cat Story is now something of a politically incorrect story these days, but it's still bloody funny….If you don't know it, you'll have to come to a convention and ask one of us!

So! Mike Grell is truly a living legend and an all-around Renaissance man! And I am humbled and grateful to count the man as my friend.

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