Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chesca Potter


If anyone out there knows the present whereabouts of, or has a working phone or E-mail contact for Chesca Potter, please write to:

Or please contact any of my IMDb accredited professional or legal representatives.

Best wishes to all for a productive and peaceful 2010!

Many thanks,



  1. Hi Mark
    I too am seeking Chesca, who is an old friend from back in the days when I lived in London and we were involved in much of the same stuff. If you should have any news of her, could you email me at blanchrowen at yahoo dot co dot uk? If I hear any news first I'll contact you.
    All the best

  2. Hi Mark
    I am chesca's brother and unfortunately I have also been unable to contact her for the last few years. If you do manage to find her, please could you ask her to get in touch at and also let me know she is safe and well.

    Wishing you luck

    Thank you

    Kind regards

  3. The owner of the Greenwood Tarot egroup used to be in contact with her, you might try them.

  4. ... just wondered if anyone had heard from Chesca, have been worried about her.

  5. My instincts are telling me that it would be really good for me to speak to her....
    I was at Casterton School with her, and for some reason she keeps invading my thoughts ....
    Please let me know if she re-appears ....

  6. Seeking Chesca.

  7. I read somewhere online (for what that is worth) that she's a born again christian now.

  8. Hi, did you find cheska already?

  9. I'm afraid all attempts by friends and family to reach Chesca have proven fruitless, thus far.

    We all hope she's well, thriving and happy in her life.


  10. I wonder if people are getting Chesca Potter mixed up with Jessica Galbreath, the fantasy artist who is definitely and verifiably now an evangelical Christian.