Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BAFTA Event at Sony Studios with Michael Bay and the Sound Crew

I had a wonderful evening at Sony Studios at a BAFTA presentation of the sound production team for Transformers-Revenge Of The Fallen with Michael Bay and the entire sound mixing and editing crew! The presentation was held in The Cary Grant sound mixing theater on the Sony Lot and Michael Bay was MC! Greg Russell, Gary Summers, Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van Der Ryn all gave fun and informative insights about the building of the Sound-Scape for ROTF. Great stuff and good luck with all the awards. You deserve it chaps!

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  1. Hi, Mark,

    I'm not on Facebook or My Space, but have my writing journal on here, so, at least I'll remember to check in and see what's keeping you busy. Stay well.