Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Betty Hughes - April 6th 1925 - November 2nd 2010

Betty Hughes passed peacefully surrounded by her three loving children and close family.  Betty was a remarkable and courageous individual who anchored her children's lives in a stoical sense of emotional commitment enriched with an enduring and abiding spirit of adventure. Betty taught us the traditions of perseverance, patience and respect but also filled us with a fearless and ambitious curiosity about the world. Betty wasn't just our mum. She was our emotional touchstone, our wisest counsellor and our truest and most selfless friend.  We honor her life-journey by celebrating these most precious gifts and we'll continue her legacy and her memory by recognizing and acknowledging the simple and yet profound emotional foundations on which she so wisely and generously empowered our lives.   Yorkshire - Nov 3rd 2010

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