Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review of The Pilgrim #2 Greg Burgas in Comics Review

The Pilgrim #2 (of 6) by Mark Ryan (writer), Mike Grell (artist), Jason Millet (colorist), and John Workman (letterer). $3.99, 22 pgs, FC, IDW/ComicMix.

I'm going to assume that Ryan pulls this all together further on down the line (don't spoil it for me how he does it!), because it's a bit mysterious right now. I mean, we have a ton of plot threads, and the ones from last issue come a bit more into focus, but we still have a lot of seemingly disparate weird things going on that are sufficiently unexplained. I don't mind, though - I like a good mystery as much as anyone, and as long as Ryan knows what he's doing, I'm happy to look at Grell's fantastic artwork and enjoy the ride. Grell gives us a few double-page spreads that are simply amazing, and his storytelling skills are so good Ryan often steps back and lets him go nuts, and he still advances the story well. It's very impressive.

So, yeah. Not a lot to say about this. There's demon stuff, parallel dimensional stuff, and other bizarre stuff. Fun times all around! But for now, it's worth it just to look at. Who doesn't love Grell's art?

One totally Airwolf panel:

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