Friday, February 5, 2010


OK! John Matthews and I have finally finished the new Wildwood Tarot text!

The whole Eddison Sadd team have been great and Will Worthington is doing an amazing job with his stunning artwork. I'm very happy with the whole look and feel of the project.

After 15 years, I guess it's about time!


  1. I wonder if Chesca will have any comment to make ....?

  2. I trust Chesca would view this work with the generous and unconditional spirit of enlightenment she so often espoused to me personally. Not through the prism of her new faith, which apparently caused her to reject and destroy her original artwork and abandon her profound and sincere connection and resonance with both the Pagan ethos and The Wildwood, which I believe was her primal and natural strength. This strength is not owned by an individual however and none can claim a proprietary control of it, or an exclusive right to it's wisdom. It belong to those who take the journey for the journey's sake, and learn how to listen...