Saturday, October 31, 2009


"Michael Bay absolutely nailed it. Forget the critics, the worldwide numbers speak for themselves. When Michael talks about "a new film genre" he means this isn't just about watching a CGI T-Rex chasing a jeep and believing it's there. This franchise is called "Transformers" and is about alien robots that emote, have their own code of honor and morals and you can have an intelligent conversation with them. It's supposed to be fun and entertainment wrapped in a dark and complex 21st Century urban fable. Now there are kids growing up who believe you can actually have a friendly alien robot living in their garage, disguised as a car because they've seen it and for them it's real. I know because I meet them all the time. I'm very proud to be just a small part of this new genre and the urban fable."

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  1. Michael Bay made me believe. Every time I see a yellow and black 2010 Camaro, I can't help but wonder if it's actually Bumblebee. (It'd be great if it were!)