Friday, January 30, 2009

Wuthering Heights on iTunes, Transformers 2 and The Wildwood Tarot

Well! ‘09 got off to a roaring start!

I can now announce that the first six songs from the Wuthering Heights Musical Adaptation have now been delivered via CD Baby to:
Six tracks will be available to download either as a single track or as a an EP featuring of course Jenn Korbee, Katie Boeck and Jessica Keenan Wynn. As soon as I get back to the U.S. we'll be working on more material for the production and I'm hoping to finish the whole project during the next few months. This will probably include a screenplay integrating the whole musical framework similar to Moulin Rouge & Sin City style. If you like what you hear, please add a review to iTunes and become a fan on Facebook!

So! I'm actually in the UK right now, talking with a prospective new publisher for The Wildwood Tarot and taking meetings with various possible illustrators for the project. I'm working with world-famous Arthurian and esoteric expert and old mate: John Matthews on the system and we're reverting to the original name for the deck. More news as it develops.

On the Transformers front, I got called back into the studio recently but for what? I am sworn to silence! All will be revealed in good time!

All the best from London!

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  1. Hi Mark. You might not remember me, it's been years since my family and I have seen you. Remember coming to those little "Herne's Con's" at Cornell University? And the Weekend In Sherwood back in 1993? Myself and my parents, and my little sister, Michelle, running around with an old Nerf bow and arrow set around the hotel? It's Meghan, and it's good to see you online. By the by, I just found Robin Hood Set 1 on DVD, and I'm still entranced by the series as I was when I was growing up. Take care.